Single Release Date: September 15th, 2023 .

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Introducing Yagaman The Original's electrifying new dance track, "Boogie Dance"! With infectious lyrics and a pulsating beat, this song is designed to get you moving and grooving. Yagaman The Original’s unique style and magnetic presence shine through as he invites you to join the dance floor.

The lyrics “Hehah, What was that? O oh, That sound" set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Yagaman The Original’s voice commands your attention as he encourages everyone to let loose and Boogie Dance. The rhythm is relentless, making it impossible to resist the urge to move.

"Come now, Everybody at ease, It's another me. Please believe, A true, I'm intrigued, Am here to be, Everybody get down, Let's boogie." Yagaman The Original's words invite you to be yourself, have fun, and dance like there's no tomorrow. The chorus repeats the catchy mantra, "Boogie dance, Do the Boogie Dance," ensuring that you'll be singing along and dancing all night long.

As the song progresses, Yagaman The Original’s energy is contagious. "All in, Move to your left, Look right, Then take a step step," he instructs, and you can't help but follow along. The excitement builds, and the atmosphere is electric. "Express yourself, Split and turn anywhere, Watch your head," Yagaman The Original encourages, as you and everyone around you Boogie Dance with abandon.

"Boogie Dance" is a celebration of music, movement, and self-expression. Yagaman The Original's infectious enthusiasm and irresistible beats guarantee that you'll be hitting the dance floor every time this track comes on. So, don't miss out—join the Boogie Dance craze with Yagaman The Original today!

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