Single Release Date: September 1st, 2023 .


Fort Worth, Watauga, TX – Embark on a captivating journey with innovative artist Yagaman The Original as he unveils his latest musical creation, "Come On And Walk With Me." This track, with mesmerizing lyrics and an infectious beat, is destined to be a timeless classic.

"Come On And Walk With Me" showcases Yagaman The Origianl’s unique style, blending poetic storytelling and catchy rhythms, inviting listeners into a world of life's extraordinary moments. Crossing genres with reggae and hip-hop influences, Yagaman The Original’s sound is truly distinctive.

Yagaman The Original's lyrics transport you into his world, where the mundane becomes magical, from a good nap to grooming his beard. His storytelling and impeccable flow will leave you hooked. Beyond a song, "Come On And Walk With Me" is an invitation to connect with Yagaman The Original. His music reflects life's joys and challenges, encouraging authenticity and enthusiasm.

Yagaman The Original’s musical journey is marked by boundary-pushing and exploration, and "Come On And Walk With Me" exemplifies his commitment to resonating with diverse audiences. Join Yagaman The Original in his world, as he says, "Come on and walk with me, see how I do this." "Come On And Walk With Me" is available now on major streaming platforms. Stay updated with Yagaman The Original on social media and his official website:

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