Single Release Date: October 6th, 2023

Listen here:  Hoot

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In his latest release, "Hoot," Yagaman The Original transcends musical boundaries with poetic precision. "Descendant, Ascend ennuh" sets the tone, guiding listeners through a mystical journey. The rhythmic mantra "Hoot, Hoot" invites us into an owl's world, exploring its characteristics with whimsical verses.

Yagaman The Original's call to "Take 5, Tighten up right" resonates, urging mindful pauses. With verses like "If a verbal diarrhea, Excuse yourself," he advocates for intentional communication. "Hoot finite, Hoot" echoes, creating an immersive experience. Yagaman The Original's finesse and depth shine in this sonic masterpiece, promising a captivating musical escape.

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