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Yagaman the Original takes you on a vibrant journey through the waking moments of life. With a rhythmic beat and soulful lyrics, the song captures the essence of being alive. Yagaman The Original reflects on the small details, from the wake-up call of snoring to the refreshing feeling of cold, embodying the joy of existence. 

The upbeat tempo mirrors the shuffle walk through life, celebrating every step, even the occasional stumble. The mention of a bloodshot toe adds a touch of humor and relatability to the experience. As the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a well-dressed and snazzy individual, the catchy repetition of "Oh I'm Alive" reinforces the gratitude for life's moments. 

The playful reference to a nice smile and Chiclets adds a lighthearted charm to the narrative. With a blend of awareness and appreciation, Yagaman The Original invites listeners to embrace the reality of being alive, assuring them that this is not a dream. The song captures the vitality of existence, leaving you with a sense of joy and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

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