he pulled his baby out, then wrote a party banger!

Am Feeling Good” Debut By Yagaman The Original 

 Set For Release February 10th, 2023

Am Feeling GoodYagamaniacs

Music critics, young and old, are calling it the new feel good celebration and party theme sound and vibe.

Listen Here: Am Feeling Good


 “An outer body experience” was how Yagaman The Original described the feeling of pulling his baby out. Thereafter, he wrote and produced “Am Feeling Good” with new exotic sounds that identifies with genres of house music and pop rock. 

 Stepping out for the first time sonically, his sound is designed to uplift and remind. To his Yagamaniacs, “Am Feeling Good” is always a viable option.

Yagaman The Original

The life of Yagaman The Original started on the beautiful island of Jamaica. The inception of his musical style chiseled and sculpted into a rich, vibrant masterpiece that has never been shared with the world. 

 At last, he dived foot-first onto the music scene in 2023, becoming the first pop rock artist to be signed to the Quintessential Entertainment music label. He brings an engaging performance, emitting electrifying energy together with a grand cadence.

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